English Grammar Synonyms for GNM ANM 2024

Hello, aspirants of the GNM ANM 2023 Examination, in this page we are going to learn Synonyms. But learning Synonyms is not an easy task, only practice and practice brings perfectness. To make it easy, we break the whole synonym chapter day-wise. To make it more accessible to you, we share the Bengali meaning and English Meanings of Each word.

101.FascinateCharm, Enchant, Mesmerise, Bewitch
102.FastidiousFinicky, Squeamish, Choosy
103.FateDestiny, Chance
104.FatuousSilly, Absurd
105.FightBattle, Contention, Combat, Struggle, Conflict, Strife
106.FuryAnger, Rage, Wrath, Ire
107.FecundFertile, Fruitful, Productive
108.FerociousSavage, Barbaric, Fierce, Wild, Uncivilised
109.FictitiousFalse, Imaginary, Illusionary, Fabricated, Fanciful
110.FlagrantAtrocious, Outrageous, Brazen

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111.FortuitousChance, Accidental, Fortunate
112.ForerunnerPrecursor, Herald, Harbinger
113.ForbidProhibit, Preclude, Inhibit, Debar
114.FlippantPert, Frivolous, Impudent, Sassy
115.FlamboyantBombastic, Ostentatious, Ornate
116.FatalDeadly, Mortal, Lethal, Virulent
117.FallacyDeception, Falsehood, Heresy
118.FurbishPolish, Spruce, Renovate
119.FortitudeStrength, Firmness, Valour, Determination
120.GuileFraud, Trickery, Cunning
121.GratificationSatisfaction, Enjoyment
122.GarrulousTalkative, Chatty
123.HumaneKind, Generous, Benevolent, Compassionate
124.ImminentInevitable, Impending, Approaching
125.HaughtyArrogant, Proud, Egoist, Snobbish
126.HumilityHumbleness, Modesty
127.HamperHinder, Block, Impede, Prevent
128.IlliterateUnlearned, Ignorant, Uneducated
129.ImpotentPowerless, Disabled, Inadequate, Incapable
130.ImmaterialUnimportant, Insignificant, Useless, Irrelevant

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