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Full Mock Test Online for ANM GNM 2023 Exam

Are you preparing for the upcoming ANM GNM mock test 2023? Are you looking for a comprehensive online mock test that covers all the subjects and topics included in the exam syllabus? Look no further, as Oasis Study Centre brings you a full mock test designed specifically for the ANM GNM 2023 Exam.

The ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery) and GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) exams are highly competitive and require diligent preparation to succeed. To help you assess your knowledge and enhance your exam readiness, Oasis Study Centre has developed a full mock test that covers all the subjects and marks distribution for the ANM GNM 2023 Exam.

Number Division for ANM GNM 2023 Mock Test Cat-1 :

The mock test consists of a total of 85 questions, with each question carrying one mark. The total marks for the test are 85, with subjects and marks distribution as follows:

1. Life Science: 30 Marks
2. Physical Science: 15 Marks
3. English Grammar: 15 Marks
4. Mathematics: 10 Marks
5. General Knowledge: 10 Marks
6. Logical Reasoning: 5 Marks

By including questions from each subject, the mock test ensures that you get a comprehensive assessment of your knowledge and identify areas where you need to focus more. This enables you to plan your study strategy effectively and allocate time accordingly to different subjects based on your performance in the mock test.

In addition to covering the subjects and marks distribution, the mock test also replicates the exam environment and provides you with a realistic experience. You can take the test online from the comfort of your home, which saves you time and allows you to practice in a familiar setting.

One crucial aspect of the mock test is that it has negative marking. This is in contrast to the actual ANM GNM 2023 Exam, where there might be a penalty for wrong answers. However, having negative marking in the mock test allows you to be attentive while choosing questions. It helps in building your confidence and reducing exam-related anxiety.

Oasis Study Centre, renowned for its expertise in providing quality education and exam preparation resources, has designed the mock test to meet the specific requirements of the anm gnm mock test 2023. The questions are curated by subject matter experts, ensuring accuracy and relevance to the exam syllabus.

By taking the full mock test online, you can gauge your performance, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary improvements in your preparation strategy. It also allows you to practice time management and enhance your speed and accuracy, which are crucial for completing the actual exam within the given time frame.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and the more you practice with a comprehensive mock test like this one, the better prepared you will be for the ANM GNM 2023 Exam. Utilize this opportunity provided by Oasis Study Centre to maximize your chances of success.

So, gear up and take the Full Mock Test Online for anm gnm mock test 2023 offered by Oasis Study Centre. Assess your knowledge, enhance your preparation, and get ready to excel in the upcoming ANM GNM 2023 Exam. Good luck!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your exam readiness with the Full Mock Test Online for ANM GNM 2023 Exam provided by Oasis Study Centre. With a total of 85 questions covering all subjects and marks distribution, this comprehensive mock test is designed to give you a realistic exam experience and help you identify areas for improvement. Take advantage of this valuable resource to boost your confidence, refine your study strategy, and maximize your chances of success. Get ready to ace the ANM GNM Mock Test 2023 Exam and embark on your journey towards a rewarding healthcare career.

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