ANM GNM 2023 English Grammar

Phrasal Verbs (1-40)

1. You have to ____________ any problems that happen during the show.
A) Account for
B) Ask After
C) Ask for
D) Back out
2. The evidence so far simply does not ______ him ____.
A) Be in for
B) Bear Away
C) Bear on
D) Bear out
3. The car _______ when flames reached its fuel tank
A) Bore with
B) Blew out
C) Blew over
D) Blew up
4. There is no hope of ________________ in the murder case.
A) Break down
B) Break into
C) Break out
D) Break through
5. When asked to explain, she could not _________ the meaning of the poem.
A) Break up
B) Break up with
C) Bring out
D) Bring round
6. I ________ the residence of my boss yesterday.
A) brought up
B) called at
C) called for
D) Call in
7. We decided to __________________ the strike.
A) call off
B) call on
C) call out
D) call up
8. Now it is difficult to ________ this business in the teeth of stiff competition.
A) call upon
B) carry away by
C) carry on
D) carry out
9. Now-a-days he is _______________ as a result of his failure in the examination.
A) Cast away
B) Cast down
C) Cast off
D) Catch up with
10. It is not good that such an unfortunate accident _________.
A) Come About
B) come across
C) Bring about
D) Blow over
Answers :
1. A) Account for 
2. D) Bear out
3. D) Blew up
4. D) Break through
5. C) Bring out
6. B) called at
7. A) call off
8. C) carry on
9. B) Cast down
10. A) Come About