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What Is a Collective Noun?

A collective noun is a naming word used to refer to a group or number of animals, people, or things. One thing you should remember when using collective nouns in sentences is to use the correct verb form.

List of Collective Nouns :

  1. A group of fish = School or Shoal
  2. A group of cows = Herd
  3. A group of sheep = Flock
  4. A group of birds = Brood or Flock
  5. A group of chickens = Brood or Flock
  6. A group of penguins = Rookery (or colony, raft, tuxedo, huddle, waddle)
  7. A group of crows = Murder
  8. A group of wolves = Pack
  9. A group of elephants = Herd
  10. A group of Cheetah = Coalition
  11. A group of Cattle = Drove (or Herd)
  12. A group of Horses = Band [or Herd, or stud, or harras, or stable]
  13. A group of Zebras = Dazzle [ or cohort, or herd, or zeal]
  14. A group of Flies = Cloud [ or business, or swarm]
  15. A group of Bees = Swarm [ or cast, cluster, colony, drift, erst, fry, game, grist, hive, rabble, stand ]
  16. A group of Peacocks = Muster
  17. A group of Whales = School [ or float, gam, grind, herd, mob, pod, run, shoal, troop]
  18. A group of Ants = Colony [ or army, swarm, bike, nest]
  19. A group of Lions = Pride [ or sawt ]
  20. A group of Geese = Gaggle [ or chevron, flock, plump, skein, team, wedge]
  21. A group of Dogs = Kennel [ or litter, mute, pack ]
  22. A group of Pigs = Litter [ or drift, drove, sounder ]
  23. A group of Camels = Train [ or caravan, flock, herd]

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